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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Planting a tree

planting a tree video

Watch the video to see how Earth Talon’s assymetrical edge helps in plainting a tree. It can dig more easily than a regular shovel. This is a revolutionary change in shovel design allowing more of the force you apply to the shovel to be transferred to the point. This makes it easier to dig the hole, or in this case, plant a tree!

Many people ask, is it left or right footed? The answer is neither! In fact it transfers your weight from either side into the point to making breaking up the dirt that much easier! Use the talon point for other tasks too like cutting open your mulch bag! Digging out a Root Ball | Weeding

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Weeding a Yard


Weeding your garden or any part of your yard is effortless with the Earth Talon shovel. The Earth Talon’s patented design makes it so easy to get under the weed and pry it out! Planting A Tree | Digging out a Root Ball

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Digging out a root ball


Jon uses the Earth Talon shovel to dig out a tough root ball, showing the shovel’s strength and versatility. The Earth Talon point is useful to explore around the root ball, looking for drip lines, and pry and break up some of the small and medium sized roots. The point helps get in between the little roots making the job easier than a traditional shovel. Planting A Tree | Weeding

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